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How much is/was 30 shillings in dollars? Do people still use shillings?

I just watched chitty chitty bang bang.( for the millionth time) and they are buying the car for 30 shillings. He acted really suprised, so I'm just wondering how much that is in dollars.
Himalayan style:

I nedd to know the country to be able to figure out equivalent in dollars. If you know the country using shillings than go here for a currncy conversion to dollars:


1,225.50001 Tanzanian Shilling per US Dollar
69.10000 Kenyan Shilling per US Dollar
I don't see that anyone else uses a shilling. Here's a cool Money converter site:​0&iCurIdFrom=1&iCurIdTo=54


The last shillings issued for circulation were dated 1966, although proofs were issued as part of a collectors' set dated 1970. In 1968, new decimal coins, "five new pence" with the same weight and specifications, started to replace shillings. Shillings remained in circulation alongside the 5p coins until 1990, when a new, smaller, 5p coin was produced.

Before decimalization in 1971, a shilling had a value of 12d (old pence), and was equal to 1/20th of a pound: there were 240 (old) pence to the pound.

Current rate is 1.00 GBP = 1.92807 USD so a shilling is worth about a dime.

1.00 EUR = 0.681499 GBP FYI.


Great Britain assumed since you watched "Chitty Chitty Bang bang"


Shillings are no longer used in Britain (Since Monday February 15th 1971)

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