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Does this sound weird to you? I just went to a new doctor today on my insurance and they only except

cash! Is this weird? Has anyone ever experienced this?
Pastor Patti:

Even if they don't accept assignment of insurance benefits--getting more common in this troubled economy--you should get a superbill receipt with the provider's name i.d. code and diagnosis in insurance format that you can send for reimburssement from your insurance carrier. If it is a smaller private insurance they may not be on the panel of clinics for it but send it to your plan for benefits to be paid back to you. If your plan has a large yearly deductible doctors can check that. and see they will not get paid by insurance until you spend the deductible down.


Thank you very much Jane Marie! ;))


it's very common. Many doctors are choosing not to get involved with insurance. You probably found the doctor to be very good and quite cheap didn't you?


Yes actually i did.The doc and his staff could not have been nicer! I did not know it was common.Thanks!;))


No I haven't, and yes this appears to be weird!! It sounds illegal to me. I would contact my insurance company and let them know about it, and I would defineately find a new doctor.


Thanks kat! I will definetly inquire about it.

Pegalomania The Artsqueen:

The Insurance industry has put doctors under so much pressure to insure themselves, and our public has become so litiginous, that unfortunately, many talented doctors are turning away from their own professions. I think the payments that they recieve from government agencies are received at a snail's pace, if at all, and credit cards are pulling back on what they are offering. We might be healthier financially if we all paid with cash.


Interesting.Thanks Pegalom!;))


just a bit leanna.... a business that doesnt take a check or a credit card.... I dunno, sounds a bit weird...


I thought so too.All ready to write a check and was told no they needed cash.I should have asked for a receipt i guess.




Oh well....It was only 15 dollars but i know i should have.Silly me!


YES! Very!
( OMG Doc have you made so much this year already that Ms. Leanna's $15 will put you in a higher tax bracket? You are reporting all this CASH to the IRS are you not Doc! )
We are all aware the goverment, the banks, some insurance companies are short of cash but gee whiz apparently not the Doc! His Mercedes must have needed a tank of fuel!


Thanks! (i will have to look out for that mecedes)!lol!;))


It's becoming more and more common.


So i am hearing! Thank you Ed!;))

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