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My car has frame damage is it legal to sell a car without telling the seller about it

I bought my car last April from a car dealer. I got it appraised recently and I was told my car has frame damage. When I purchased the car it was "Certified" and it was free and clear of any accidents. Is that legal in Maryland to sell a car with frame damage?
Chevy mami:

Depending on what state you are in , i don't think it is illegal unless you can prove that they knew about it and deliberately hid it.. It being from a dealer, they have lots of ways to get out of the things they do. But definately un ethical but some people just don't have any..

Chevy mami:

I dont think its legal for them to say free from accidents... I'd get a lawyer.


I live in Maryland. When I bought the car the Carfax report said it was free and clear. When I took it to Carmax the guy said you can see the welds underneath the car.


Regardless of it is legal, it is unethical.

Buyer beware.......if you bought it from a dealership then they have an obligation.

If you are selling, you have an ethical obligation


So you're saying the dealership didn't do anything illegal? I don't plan selling this vehicle to anyone but the place that bought it.


Here in Or. a car like that would have a note on the title indicating it had been reclaimed in some way from a total, how bad is the frame damage? Go back to the place where you bought it and talk to them, maybe they didn't know it was damaged, and if it's a reputable dealer, they may trade you for another vehicle.


I don't know how bad the frame damage is personally. You can look at the car and tell something hit because whovever repaired it didn't do a great job.


Can you be sure that you aren't looking at factory welds? The way they run these cars through they make for some real crappy assembly welds, even though they are mostly robot welded they can still look real sloppy because they run the line so fast in order to make more cars everyday, in order to make more $ everyday. I could tell you some real horror stories about a friend of mine that worked at a auto factory in Detroit, anyway Try having a frame expert look at it and see if the frame is straight, and if it is don't worry too much about the fluff, if the welds are strong, and the frame is straight you're ok. Take it to a frame shop that has a Laser Liner. It uses laser beams to check straightness. They are the best. rsvp

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