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how much over the speed limit are emergency vehicles allowed to travel


How fast would you want them to go if they were transporting to the hospital?

Strategy Girl:

If they have their sirens and lights on they can go as fast as conditions will allow.




When I worked for the fire department, they said that the most important thing about driving was to NOT end up calling for a rescue, since that would hinder them from getting where they were going and what they were doing. Most emergency veihicles only speed when they've got a long straight of way and they can see it's safe, but if they flatten one person on the way, they're obligated to stop, and that's not good.


as fast as it takes to get where they need to go quickly


From what I remember when my hubby used to be a paramedic...they are not allowed to speed. They are to obey the speed limit. The lights and sirens are to clear the way.


In Florida they can go as fast as they like as long as it is "due and prudent", meaning if theres a bunch of traffic at an intersection they have to slow down.


I believe they are suppose to stay within the speed limit unless with a police escort. When my girlfriend( not deseased ) had a heart attack, the ambulance went far above the speed limit. I guess because it was a massive heart attack.


I'm glad your girlfriend lived!


When you say emergency vehicle what exactly are you talking about? Ambulance? Fire Truck? Police Car? Vehicle transporting human organs?


zero the speed limit is the speed limit no body is suposed ot go over it for any reason

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