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where is the fuel pump relay located on a 97 chevy blazer


Funny, mine is.


The fuel pump relay is located in the glove component.
Three relays are located here, the left relay is the fuel pump relay.
Good Luck!!!


The fuel pump relay is in the underhood fuse center the location is noted under the cover to the underhood fuse center. It's very rare that the relay goes bad. Check the fuel pressure 60-66 psi. You may need to replace the pump that is located in the fuel tank. For diagnostics I remove the relay to test the circuit. There is no relays in 90s gm glove boxes if you don't believe me look for yourself.


Funny, mine is located right where Don said it is. Maybe ,the factory would place them in two locations but I doubt they'ed go to that expence . And GM is pretty consistant in manufactureing their autos.
I like Dons answer and would take his advice myself.


Tell the truth I have to work on these on a dailly basis and gm service information verifies the location I described. you are probably some kind of hater and stop trolling me


Document ID# 60390
1997 Chevrolet Blazer - 2WD


Fuel System Diagnosis (Fuel System)
Fuel Pump Relay
The fuel pump relay is mounted in the underhood electrical center located in the engine compartment. For diagnosis of the fuel pump relay circuit, refer to Fuel Pump Electrical Circuit Diagnosis .

Fuel Pump And Engine Oil Pressure Indicator Switch
The fuel pump and engine oil pressure indicator switch is mounted in the engine block near the distributor. For diagnosis of the fuel pump relay circuit, refer to Fuel Pump Electrical Circuit Diagnosis .

Fuel Metering System
Some failures of this system will result in an Engine Cranks But Will Not Run symptom. If this condition exists, refer to Engine Cranks but Does Not Run .

This Table determines if the problem is caused by the ignition system, the VCM, or the fuel pump circuit. If the problem is determined to be a fuel concern, refer to Fuel System Pressure Test .

This includes the fuel injector poppet assembly, the fuel pressure regulator, the fuel pump and the fuel pump relay. The fuel system wiring schematic diagram is covered in Fuel Pump Relay Circuit Diagnosis. Refer to Fuel Pump Electrical Circuit Diagnosis .


well done dean the object is to read through the answers and choose whichever you wish to follow not rip the backs out of the others that answer and anyway it was Shannon that asked the q in the first place where did this tigerlyongirl come in???


Where she came from I have no idea. I just know if she has a 1997 it would be where I said. If it seems like I ripped someone I'm sorry. I have seen so many wrong answers win best answer. I wonder why and wanted to reasure that my information is first hand knowledge. See here is another one that won. What happened to shannon and some feedback from her? Hope she got the information she needed that is all that matters to me.


If I'm not mistaken, I think it's part of the fuel pump itself, located inside the gas tank. There's a panel on the top of the tank which the fuel pump is attached to.

However, I may be wrong so check with a repair manual. If you're lucky, you may find one in a car parts store that you can look at and not have to buy it for just that one specific repair process.

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