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Why is Internet Explorer 7 such a big piece of crap?

I'm keeping my fingers crossed so that IE7 won't crash while I'm asking this question.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I use IE7 all the time, and it works. No viruses/malware every came through to my computer, has a way better RSS feeder and tabbed browsing than other browsers, and it's free.

If it crashes so often for you, you might have crappy hardware, a virus/bug, or something else.

I suggest you reinstall, or get IE7 Pro.

IE7 Pro gives IE7 a boost, with features like extra scrpts, spell check, adBlocker, Tab History, etc., and increases the stability of IE7. It's free and safe to use :

I don't suggest getting Firefox -

Though Opera is a good alternative if needed :

Hope this helps.


because its made by microsoft

'nuff said

?? ???e-ee ??:



Uh, what's that suppose to mean?


Get Firefox, it's free and way faster

?? ???e-ee ??:

IE7 is not THAT bad (says one of the biggest haters of IE), but it certainly caused pain and agony for me and lots of other users.
quik boy has a point (says someone who hates IE fanboys)-
IE7 works. Well still, that depends on your definition of "working".

Regarding the Firefox myths page by Andrew K:
read these-​l​html,_bans,_and_deletes_users_who_pos​

I could post more.
So as you can see here fanboys, linking to Firefox Myths simply makes you not reputable and not "trustable" anymore.

Hope that helps.


Like those sites couldn't be lies thmselves? Merely meant to downplay reality?

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