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What was the average price of a gallon of gasoline in 1956 in US dollars.


Roughly a quarter, 25 cents.


I don't believe that it ever reached a quarter a gollon until at least the early 1960s.


nope- I said about a quarter.Scott- let's not quibble about a few cents- I, unlike many people do not go to websites- I am answering from memory. My memory may be wrong, fine. I will stand corrected and say thanks for a correction.


Well said Russ, I agree with you, it was about a quarter.
(not that I was driving yet. :-)


High teens? I am uncertain.

However, I remember paying 23.9 to 28.9 cents per gallon during the mid-1960s. As I recall, it never entered the 40-cent range until the mid-1970s.

However, if you account for inflationgasoline prices over the past few years is about on par with the 1960s. So quit your complaining!

Houses cost 1/10 as much then. Cars cost 1/10 as much then. Wages were less than 1/10 of current wages. And the Dow was less than 1000.

I reiterate ... everyone, quit your complaining!


I dont mean to complain, but using bold hurts my eyes, and I am gonna sue ya!
hee hee,
Where did you get these infor's?


My "then" comparison was to the mid-1960s, rather than the 1956 date. Sorry.

You could buy a nice 3-bedroom rambler in the Chicago suburbs for $15K in the mid-1950s. You could buy a new full-sized car for less than $2K in the mid-1950s. Bottom-end wages (for teens) was maybe 50-cents and hour back in the fifties.

The same house cost $25K in the mid '60s (now worth $250K+), and a new Mustang cost $1995 (now worth $15K to $30K) ... Ford Panteras were $9995 (now worth $30-$60K) ... Shelby 427 AC Cobras were about the same (look at their collector values today -- half a million and up). I earned a buck an hour working summers at a boat livery during the mid '60s (small businesses can no longer afford to hire teenagers due to the oppressive minimum wage and tax requirements -- sad!).


All from memory. I was born in 1946 and my dad owned a car dealership (Kaiser-Fraiser / Jeep) and a couple of service stations (Pure Oil ... later Union 76) during my misspent youth. ;-)


Who was complaining????


I started driving in 1968 and I could find "gas war" prices of 19.9 cents. 1956 probably wasn't too much different. It stayed stable for many years after WW2.


.23 a gallon, may depend where.


29 cents per gallon was about average but there were so many indpendent dealers and they wouls see who could sell gas the cheapest and sometimes we could buy it for 14 and 15 cents per gallon.
I could take five dollors fill my tank up go get my girlfriend go to a movie buy popcorn and drinks and before i took her home we would stop at a restrunt and buy 2 hambugers and 2 drinks and i would have 25 cents left .
but it took a lot more work to make that five

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