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Can I deliver food or grocery to more than one person to earn money? Do I need any business license?

Example: I go to a restaurant and pick up my order along with 2 more people order from my office and deliver it to them. They pay me $1 as service.Does any state ban me from doing that? It is an earning, but do I need any license to deliver the items. I will be using my own car to go to the restaurant.

In most states, yes. You need to research you local requirements.


I disagree, delivery people working for local pizza or other food retailers aren't required to have any type of license. I have done such work in the past and there are no enforced requirements. You should be able to do so as well.


It depends on the local requirements. I mean it depends. maybe yes, and maybe no. That is the way it is.


but he wouldn't be doing it in the course of his business like a pizza delivery. He would be running a livery service specializing in rest. foods.

Computer Geek:

Let's suppose, I open up a website where people order meal and I deliver to them giving me a source of income. I know I need to form a company, LLC maybe and my state NC doesn't require any business license since it is a service.

I am just wondering if any state or health department stop me from delivering meals to others due to health or safety concern.

Computer Geek:

I was also wondering do I need to get a commercial driver's license. I will be using my honda accord to do my business. I don't think I will need a CDL for it.


you shouldn't need a special driver's license nor special registration for the car... but you never really know so consult an attorney.

local tv stations often have ask the lawyer kind of thing. Check their websites.


There's a service here that does that. Apparently they do it in various cities nationwide so you may want to make sure your area isn't already serviced by such a place.

I can't find their URL or I'd include it. Can't even remember their name. Apparently they've been around since the 80's but I only heard of them this summer.

I think it's like $5 per rest. You can order from multiple places.

Computer Geek:

Could you please do me a favor and let me know the name of that company or website? Is it or


i had to find the book. Taxi Takeout it's locally.

They have a book with rest menus and prices and which rests are available in different areas of the metropolitan area.


Here we go. The national url is


It sounds like you are doing your coworkers a favor by doing this for them. If they give you a tip it is not enough to be considered a business. The tax collector would spend more in paperwork than they would hope to collect in revenue. You certainly not making more than break even on this even you don't have to drive to the restaurant.


i don't think that you need a lisence but don't go y me you might want to go to your local community center or town cousil and ask them they probably know more than i do about this subjext.

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