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If money wasn't part of the equation, what kind of car would you own?

Globally Interested:

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is currently the fastest, most powerful, and most expensive street-legal full production car in the world, with a proven top speed of 407.5 km/h (253 mph),
The Veyron features a W16 engine—16 cylinders in 4 banks of 4 cylinders, or the equivalent of two narrow-angle V8 engines mated in a "W" configuration. Each cylinder has 4 valves, for a total of 64, but the narrow V8 configuration allows two camshafts to drive two banks of cylinders so only 4 camshafts are needed. The engine is fed by four turbochargers, and it displaces 8.0 L (7,993 cc/488 in³) with a square 86 by 86 mm bore and stroke.
Putting this power to the ground is a dual-clutch DSG computer-controlled manual transmission with 7 gear ratios via shifter paddles behind the steering wheel boasting an 8 ms shift time. The Veyron can be driven by full automatic transmission. The Veyron also features full-time all-wheel drive based on the Haldex system. It uses special Michelin run-flat tires designed specifically for the Veyron to accommodate the vehicle's top speed.
Curb weight is estimated at 1890 kg (4,160lb). This gives the car a power to weight ratio of 529 bhp/tonne.
The car's wheelbase is 2710 mm (106.3 in). Overall length is 4462 mm (175.8 in). It measures 1998 mm (78.7 in) wide and 1206 mm (47.5 in) tall.
The Bugatti Veyron has a total of 10 radiators.[2]
3 radiators for the engine cooling system.
1 heat exchanger for the air to liquid intercoolers.
2 for the air conditioning system.
1 transmission oil radiator.
1 differential oil radiator.
1 engine oil radiator.
1 hydraulic oil radiator for the spoiler.


Perhaps you want to put a little more thought into it. You didn't mention a color. LOL. Sounds fierce.

Globally Interested:

I'll take any color.


I have three kids, and they always need me to take them and their friends places. So if money was not part of the equation then I would get an SUV.

I hope all is well with you.

Take care ~Lisa~


Just any old SUV. C'mon Lisa, let your imagination take flight. What do you want in that SUV that will make you really happy?


Ferrari Enzo.


Wicked. You must get the red one.


Mercedes Benz SLR Mclaren


Very nice.


I would say a maybach (


Nice choice.


Astin Martin Vanquish DL. Although I would never get rid of my Jeeps.


Jeeps rule. I've got a 1978 CJ7 with a 305 V-8.


I've always wanted a Jeep but they are too small for my family.


Rugged elegance.


A flying one.


But of course.


well now your making me think, a Hummer would be great but then my practical side takes over so it would have to be a Dodge magnum...


A friend of mine has a Magnum RT. It is a very fast car. A lot of fun to drive.


I would love a Hummer just so I can take up the parking on my block.

Luz estela:

i would still drive an american made automobile


Nothing wrong with that 5 y's. Describe your vehicle choice please. Don't leave we guessing.


If money nor gas was an issue i would say a Abrams A1 tank .


You have really opened my big eyes now.




Classic. I have wanted one since before I could drive.



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