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What rights do I have if a car wash damaged my vehicle?

In this particular case, they are claiming the damage must have been already present but I can assure you it was not. I expect that if I filed a claim in small claims court I would be awarded the settlement; I just want to avoid that if possible. Thanks!

A couple pieces of information I thought I should add:
1) They admitted their carwash can reveal "underlying or previous damage" by causing paint to chip\flake off. As far as I am concerned this was an admission of guilt.
2) They also told me their tire cleaning "service" fires water at 800 psi- does this sound reasonable or does it sound a little high for use on factory standard hubcaps?


You have to have proof. take pics of damage and pics of carwash part you think did the damage and see if everything matches up .Try to find other cars that had or have same type of damage. The proof is on your shoulders. Good luck


The proof part is what becomes nearly impossible- I have photos of the damage from after the car wash, but who takes pictures before they go through one?
In terms of what part of the car wash did the damage, it was their high pressure water sprayers. They admitted their wheel cleaning "service" fired water out at like 800 psi; they also admitted their car wash could reveal "underlying or previous damage"... And thanks for the answer!


I don't know about your particular car wash but ours around here always seem to have a disclaimer to the effect that "we are not liable for any damage....blah, blah, blah...." Do NOT know however if that would hold up in court--IF--you can prove that the damage was not there when you went in?? Good luck.


First off, thanks for the quick response. In general, the "we are not liable" signs don't hold up in court. But you raised the big problem facing me- and that is proving the damage came from the car wash and was not there previously.

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