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Still Changing

I even tried to ask for a peace between a person.I'm the 1 who gets the bashing,5-6hrs. ago I tried

to have peace with no replhy that says it all.I will never talk 2 only 2 people on this site.I don't kiss up,but I dislike the out come,so I will never talk 2 these people again.They are a Plakousamiss bottom feeders.

Tuff to get in the middle buddy!

Still Changing:

yes sir.

Still Changing:

Well Ron I asked you to help,you have to much going on.I'm not in the middle.I have been disrespected by 1 person...

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

You got in between two people fighting....never a good idea.

Still Changing:

Not 2 people just 1.


That is exactly why police are loathe to respond to domestic disturbance cases. Often the parties resolve their differences just long enough to turn on the policeman. Don't let that venom infect you. I have talked to you enough times to know that you are waaaaaaay above that kind of pettiness. And remember the 11th commandment--Thou shalt not sweat it. Be blessed, my brother


I'm sure I have no idea why you've been battered here today but I can honestly say you don't deserve to be touched. I hope whomever decided to open fire on you today comes to apologize to you and recognize the good person you really are. Peace to you..


steer away from negativity.

Still Changing:

I agree.


Oh mixer, so sorry you have been put in the middle. Maybe when the two you are trying to help calm down and are not angry anymore cooler heads will prevail and things will work out for all involved. You are a great person for trying. Blessed are the peace makers my friend. Hang in there. :)

Still Changing:

I've seen much worse.


mixer you are a good man, don't sweat the small stuff my dear....;-)

Still Changing:

I'm just telling my truth.I could cafe less.I'm a better man.

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