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My electric start on my 4-wheeler doesn't work. When I try it it just makes a clicking sound??

I have a 1986 Polaris Trailboss 250 R/Es. It has good spark and great compression. I just put a new spark plug in it, new battery, and completely cleaned the carb. When I try the electric start it just makes a clicking noise in the rear by the battery. I pull and pull on the pull-start and it won't start. I have no idea what the problem would be other than the starter itself. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
The Oracle:

Usually a 'clicking' sound is indicative of a shot starter......


is there anything i could do to make it work caz a new starter is quite pricey


if there is a starter relay try crossing the posts with a screwdriver to bypass this. If the starter turns over the relay or solenoid is shot


where would the relay be because thers only one positive terminal on the starter and it is grounded on the frame


Check the cables at the battery for corrosion and loose connections. If you still get the clicking noise, chare the battery. It the clicking noise still persist, change the battery. If you still have the problem change the cyliniod on your starter. In that order it will be the least expensive to fix. If you take it to the shop they will change the starter and battery the most expensive way first.

Good luck !


maybe u flooded the engine


try crossing the posts on the starter. It might just be stuck.


crossing the posts?


That will only start it, but it won't fix it, lol
Try smacking the starter with a hammer lightly, that also helps disengage it and it will start, but again it will not be the fix. If you just want it to start get it on a fast roll down a hill kick her in gear with starter switch on and she'll start right up.


your starter solenoid is bad.

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