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My 4-wheeler won't start. Any ideas??

Here is what I Know: It has good spark, good compression, the carb is freshly cleaned out, the battery is brand new, its got gas and oil and it still won't start. Anything is helpful and greatly appreciated!!!It is a 1986 Polaris Trailboss 250 R/ES and its a 2 stroke

First check if the fuel is pumping into the carburettor, if yes then the timing may be out. A simple way to test that is by pushing the vehicle and starting it by putting it into the 2nd or 3rd gear and releasing the clutch with a jerk. if it starts by a push then your timing gear/chain needs to be adjusted an that only a qualified mechanic can do.
Good Luck!


how would i do the rolling start with an automatic?
thats what it is by the way aha


You don't mention whether it turns over or not. Check your oil/gas mixture (make sure you have fresh gasoline). Also, while the carb might be freshly cleaned out, is it properly adjusted?


You check about everything , try a new fuel filter


Maybe the starter is bad!

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