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what is the technical name for the part in a car where you put your key in to start the car?

someone tried to steal my car and they messed up the ignition so now the key won't go in. i haven't had any luck searching for replacement parts online because i don't know the exact name of the part.
Doctor Woot:

It is called the Ignition Switch. Don't understand why it would not come up on search of a parts warehouse. Call the dealership that makes the car and let them know your problem, they will be able too give you their part number and or part description. Just for comparison get their price as well


Ignition tumbler switch


I think you hit it on the head.


THE KEYHOLE.....hahha lol...r u that case i aint sure


ginger, you've come to the right place and the right person.

First a bit of history. The car was invented a long time ago. The first car engine was invented about the same time.

In 1922, Ed Meldin invented the key. The first key was called the Meldin Key.

In 1923, Myrna Meldin, Ed's unhappy wife, bludgeoned Ed to death in his sleep. Something to do with the neighbor's sheep.

Myna sold Ed's invention, the key, to an unscrupulous postal worked, Morty Silverman from New Bedford, New York.

In 1934, Morty sold Ed's invention to Ford Motor Company.

Hope this clears things up for you.

As you can tell, I'm very confused.


Ok you sound like reverend snore on jerry springer you say alot but it does not make sense to the question


You're kidding????


ignition barrel

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